XportPro is a C++ library/toolkit, which gives developers the ability to generate xhtml documents and reports, and provides the capability to parse xhtml documents and stylesheets. XportPro provides an API which allows a simple and intuitive means of generating rich xhtml reports from your application. With a basic knowledge of (X)HTML and stylesheets, you can generate xhtml reports/documents with any level of complexity. XportPro is currently in development, with beta versions available for licensed users.

XportPro allows your application to generate professional quality reports for your users and requires no third party software to install on your client's computers. All users need is a browser to view the reports created by your application!

With XportPro, your application can also generate style sheets to enhance the content of the generated reports. The style sheets can be embedded in the report document itself, or saved to an external file. Reports can be shared by your client by simply supplying the html file, and any associated style sheets. There's no need to worry if the viewer of the report has the necessary software to view the report, since the viewer only needs a web browser. If desired, users could easily post their generated reports to the web.

Although XportPro's report generation capabilities are unsurpassed, XportPro is much more than an (x)html report generator. XportPro will also parse xhtml and html documents and style sheets. This allows XportPro to read x(html) documents, modify them (and/or their style sheets), then write them again. A variety of parsing and output formatting options are available to give you fine control of the output format of the written xhtml documents and style sheets.

Xport is currently available for download. Xport is licensed under the GNU General Public license (GPL), and can not be used commercially. Please read the GPL license which is included in the Xport download.

XportPro, is currently in beta and can be ordered now. Although XportPro is in it's final stages of development, developers can order XportPro now, to receive a commercial license for Xport. Purchasing XportPro now will provide you with an 18 month subscription period which will begin on the date that XportPro is released. Purchasing XportPro after it's initial release provides a standard 12 month subscription period. The subscription period is the time where registered users have access to the latest version of XportPro. The rights to use XportPro commercially, however, has no time restrictions after purchasing a commercial license.

XportPro builds upon Xport, which is an open source library that supplies most of the functionality of XportPro. To use Xport, however, you should be familiar with the concepts and rules of (x)html and stylesheets. Both Xport and XportPro provide the same capabilities of creating and parsing html reports and stylesheets. The differences of the two toolkits is illustrated below.

  • Very intuitive to use.
  • Can generate and parse xhtml documents and style sheets.
  • Fine control of xhtml output.
  • Complete documentation with hundreds of examples which demonstrate every operation.
  • Distributed under version 3 of the GPL open source license.
  • All the features of Xport.
  • Includes additional classes and operations which make the creation of xhtml documents easier and faster.
  • Provides the capability of binding STL container data to xhtml tables.
  • Uses Xport as a base and has complete access to base class functionality in Xport.
  • Can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
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