XportPro, Overview

XportPro expands the capabilities of Xport, and allows developers to create xhtml documents/reports with greater ease and less coding. And, since XportPro uses Xport as a base, all of the lower level functionality in Xport is also available if and when you should need it. Purchasing XportPro also gives you a commercial license to use Xport, so you can use Xport and XportPro in your commercial products. See Licensing for more details.

When creating xhtml reports with XportPro, only a basic knowledge of C++ and (x)html is required. Reports can be as simple or as elaborite as you like. Since most reports include some type of tabular data, XportPro provides data binding tables, to allow you to bind any data in STL containers to an xhtml table. No need to manually populate an xhtml table. Your data is displayed in tabular form on the report, with the table and cells formatted to your specification.

XportPro allows simple and intuitive methods to format the document as a whole, and individual elements within the document as well. Your formatted reports will look polished and professional. And best yet, since your reports are xhtml documents, they can be viewed with any browser! There is no need to have report viewing software or dlls on your clients computers. Reports can also be easily added to a web site or intranet for easy viewing.

When you purchase XportPro, you get a commercial license to use XportPro in your commercial products for an unlimited period. Purchasing also gives you a one year subscription for any and all updates. Subscription renewal is very low, so the cost is negligable to stay current with the latest version of XportPro.

XportPro is currently in beta, but but is available for purchase. Purchasing now will give you an 18 month subscription period for updates, which will begin the day that XportPro is available for download.

Buy XportPro now, and start creating custom xhtml reports for your own applications.

Work Time Studio

Datasoft Solutions is proud to present their landmark product, Work Time Studio. Utilizing the tree container library, Work Time Studio provides unparalleled features in personal time, project and task management software. If you're looking for a way to increase your productivity, visit Work Time Studio's product website, and start being more productive today.