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XportPro is currently in beta, but currently provides additional features that available in Xport. XportPro will soon have even more features by it's release date, which is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2008. See Version History for a list of current features included in XportPro. The next planned release for XportPro will include table classes which allow you to bind to STL containers, and specify which columns to display fields in the container elements, and how the column data will be formatted.

Purchasing XportPro now, before it's first major release this fall, will give you the following benefits.

  • All the functionality of Xport.
  • The ability to use XportPro in commercial applications.
  • The ability to download the latest beta version of XportPro, as new features are added monthly.
  • Your subscription period will not begin until XportPro's first major release.
  • Email support for registered users within their subscription period, which begins immediately for registered users even though their subscription period will officially begin at XportPro's first major release.
  • Free access to updates to the beta version of XportPro, even before your subscription period begins.
  • Lock on the low purchase price. Buy now for $30.00, before any possible price increases. The price of XportPro is not guaranteed to remain at $30.00 after it's first major release.
Why wait? Purchase XportPro now at the low introductory price of $30.00.
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