Xport Examples: Overview

Many examples are presented here to illustrate the functionality of Xport. All examples are all created with the Xport library.

US Statistical Report Suite

Most of the sample reports presented are part of a report suite which reports statistical data on the United States. These reports have a common theme, but the individual report formats vary widely. The reports are categorized in groups of three, which include include a state report, regional report, and district report. Not only do the report formats vary, but the methods and styles used to create the reports also vary, so it would be adventagous to study the different report generating techniques used to generate these reports, to give you a good understanding of the ways you can use Xport to generate your own reports. Each report is generated with a seperate class object. All of these report classes are derived from a base report generating class, us_state_report_generator. For more information on this report suite, see the US Statistical Report Suite Overview.

More report examples will be coming over the upcoming months, so check back periodically.

Work Time Studio

Datasoft Solutions is proud to present their landmark product, Work Time Studio. Utilizing the tree container library, Work Time Studio provides unparalleled features in personal time, project and task management software. If you're looking for a way to increase your productivity, visit Work Time Studio's product website, and start being more productive today.