US Statistical Report Suite: main()

The main function, located in us_statistical_report_suite.cpp, is responsible for creating and saving all the reports in the report suite. main()'s only responsibility is to call a local function, create_reports(), which actually generates all the reports in the report suite, with the help of another local function, create_report().

In create_reports(), create_report() is called once for every report to be generated. Each call to create_report() creates a report document for the report generator object that is passes as an argument, which is created inline during the call to the function.

create_report(), although a small function, is where the action happens. An xhtml document object, doc is created , and a stylesheet object is also created. Then, these two objects are passed the the report generator's generate_report() operation, which populates the document and stylesheet objects with the associated html report and stylesheet. Then, a string stream is created which specifies the path and filenames in which to save the document and stylesheets. The report document is first saved, followed by the stylesheet. The files are saved in a directory according to the report type, and given a name specified by the report generator class object.


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