Xport Examples: Xport Brochure

This example document gives a brief description of Xport, and it's interface types.

The document has three purposes.

  • Illustrates the usage of Xport in the C++ source.
  • Describes Xport's interface classes and types in the output brochure.
  • Used as a document generator for the interface examples.

The code to generate this brocure is a little lengthy, because all of the content contained in the document is in the C++ source which generates the document. The document is generated by a single class, named xport_brochure, and is contained in the source code files, xport_brochure.h and xport_brochure.cpp. These files are available for viewing below, as well as the output document, and the output document's xhtml source.

Unlike many of the examples on this site, this document was generated with an embedded stylesheet. Embedded stylesheets offer a simpler method of managing xhtml source files, since there is only a single file to be concerned with. Embedded stylesheets, however, have the disadvantage that the stylesheet can be used only by the document that it's contained in.

Studying the C++ source used to create the brochure will give insight to many of the ways Xport can be used to generate xhtml documents.

View report externally

View report inline

View report source

C++ source code used to create report




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