Xport Interface: stylesheet_item::iterator overview

The stylesheet item iterator is a child iterator which traverses the declarations in a stylesheet rule. A stylesheet item iterator is used more than for traversing, however. These iterators are returned from a stylesheet_rule insert() operation, and point to the newly inserted declaration.

Stylesheet item iterators offer the common operations available to STL iterator classes, so if you're familiar with STL iterators, using stylesheet item iterators will come naturally. Examples are given for all the operations listed below.

Although stylesheet item iterators apply only to stylesheet_rules, since they traverse the declarations in stylesheet rules, the iterator is defined in stylesheet_rule's base class, stylesheet_item, for reasons that pertain to the composite pattern. Thus, sometimes you will see the stylesheet item iterator refered as the stylesheet rule iterator. In either case, this iterator is not to be confused with the stylesheet iterator, which traverses the items in the stylesheet.

The following list displays the operations available in stylesheet item iterator.

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