Xport Interface: declaration overview

Xport's declaration type alias, (and wdeclaration), encapsulates a stylesheet declaration.

The type alias that you use for your declaration depends on the character type you wish to use. The list below reveals the two type aliases for Xport's stylesheet_declaration.

xhtml_stylesheet_comment type aliases.
  • declaration - narrow character (default).
  • wdeclaration - wide character

Declaration objects are used to compose stylesheet_rules, and form the content of the rules. In general, declarations are composed of two parts, the declaration property, and declaration value. Both of these parts must be specified when creating a declaration. All valid css properties are enumerated in Xport for convienience. If a valid css property contains a dash in it's name, the dash is replaced by an underscore in it's enumerated value. Thus, the css property font-size is enumerated as font_size.

Some css property enumerator names clash with xhtml attribute names or xhtml tag names. For these enumerations, the css property enumeration must be fully qualified when used.

Querying Operations
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