Xport Interface: stylesheet_formatter overview

Xport's stylesheet_formatter type alias, (and wstylesheet_formatter), is used to format the output of a stylesheet and it's content. When you write a stylesheet, a stylesheet_formatter is always used, either implicitly or explicitly. When you create a stylesheet_formatter, you specify the output file or stream in which the output will be written.

The type alias that you use for your stylesheet_formatter depends on the character type you wish to use. The list below reveals the two type aliases for Xport's xhtml_stylesheet_formatter.

xhtml_stylesheet_formatter type aliases.
  • stylesheet_formatter - narrow character (default).
  • wstylesheet_formatter - wide character

After creating a stylesheet_formatter, there are multiple options you can set on the formatter which controls how the output will be formatted. If you don't change any of these options, standard defaults for these options will be used.

Below is list the various options for stylesheet_formatter. Notice the list is small. The option() operation is overloaded for multiple basic types however, to allow it to be used to set many types of options for the formatter. Also, notice the << operator, which allows an alternate way to write stylesheets and stylesheet content to a formatter object.

Querying Operations
Setting/Retrieving Options
Insertion Operations
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