Xport Interface: stylesheet_rule Overview

Xport's stylesheet_rule type alias, (and other aliases typed from xhtml_stylesheet_rule), encapsulates a stylesheet rule.

The type alias that you use for your stylesheet_rule depends on the character type you wish to use. The list below reveals the two type aliases for Xport's xhtml_stylesheet_rule.

xhtml_stylesheet_rule type aliases.
  • stylesheet_rule - narrow character (default).
  • wstylesheet_rule - wide character

stylesheet_rule is derived from stylesheet_item, and many of stylesheet_items operations are present only to be available for stylesheet_rule. Some of these operations are implemented in stylesheet_item, and others are implemented in stylesheet_rule. The operations below list both types of operations.

The operations listed below are availiable for Xport's stylesheet_item. Remember that some of the operations listed below are actually implemented in stylesheet_rules base class, stylesheet_item.

Insertion and removal
Querying Operations
Setting/Retrieval Operations
Iterator Retrieval
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